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Why Does Fabric Catch in Machine When I Start Stitching?

You place two pieces of fabric together under the presser foot and start stitching. Instead of going merrily along, you go nowhere. There’s a big mess of thread where you attempted to start stitching. Does this happen to you? This is so frustrating, especially when you are new to sewing or quilting. It’s not you and it’s not the machine messing up. It might be the needle plate, sometimes called the throat plate.

The Throat Plate May Be The Problem

So now that you know what the problem is, watch the video below for a quick explanation about the solution. For the full story, head on over to the Learning Center and check out the article, Needle Plate.

Want to find a straight stitch needle plate for your machine? Check with your local dealer or click on Needle Plates at Sewing Machines Plus to have one for your machine delivered straight to you.

Some sewing machine accessories I use and recommend:

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