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Fractured Star Video Tutorial

I made this quilt in the summer of 2017. The pattern is Fractured Star by Quiltworx. It was designed as a beginner pattern to introduce quilters to paper piecing. The quilt finishes 80″ x 80″.

This tutorial shows how to piece the entire top.

For the best experience:

I suggest you progress through the lessons in numerical order.
When you start a lesson, read through the entire lesson and watch the videos in order and then start from the beginning of the lesson and complete the steps in that lesson.
View the Fractured Star Video Playlist on YouTube

Lesson 1 – Preparing to Piece

Prepare the Instructions

The instructions for this project are 12 pages long and you will be flipping back and forth through them multiple times. To protect the instructions from loss or damage they can be placed in a binder with sheet protectors. Additionally, this is the time you should check for any corrections issued by Quiltworx for your pattern. The next video describes in detail how to prepare your binder.

To Do List:

Check for corrections on the Quiltworx website – Corrections
Set up your binder and sheet protectors.

Understanding Quiltworx Papers

If you are new to Quiltworx patterns or need a better understanding of the different papers they publish, take some time to read the lesson in the link below. It will save you hours of frustration as you complete this project.

Understanding Quiltworx Papers

Papers in Bags

Before you choose and purchase your fabric, you should cut apart all the papers and put them in the proper bags. The newsprint sheets are large so you will need plenty of space to open them up. If you are using a rotary cutter to cut the papers, you should have the largest mat you can find. If you are using scissors to cut the papers, a table or other large surface works well.

The next video shows how to cut papers from the newsprint sheets and place them into numbered bags.

To Do List:

Cut out the papers and place them in bags.
The table below summarize what papers go into which bag.

Lesson 2 – Choosing & Preparing Fabric

This lesson is all about fabric.

Understanding Fabric Numbers

Quiltworx uses fabric numbers to keep track of where each fabric is placed in the quilt layout. A fabric can have one or more fabric numbers because it is used in one or more places. The following video shows how you can use the fabric numbers to determine the color layout of your quilt. Follow along with the cover sheet and the following pages from instructions: 4, 7 and 12.

Pre-Cutting Fabric

Next, cut all the fabric into strips of the required size and number needed to cut the templates later.

Use the table below to pre-cut your fabric and place it in the proper bags.

Pre-Cutting Fabric Chart

Lesson 3 – Cutting Fabric

In this lesson we cut all the fabric in all the bags. It is the last step in the process before we get to the actual paper piecing. We’re almost there!

Cutting Fabric A1, Bag A1

Fabric A1 is the accent fabric in Unit A, the large diamonds.

Cutting Fabrics A2 and A3, Bag A1

The Fabric group A2 is the light portion and Fabric group A3 is the medium/dark portion of Unit A, the large diamonds.

Cutting Fabric B1, Bag B2

Fabric B1 is the background of the large star.

Cutting Fabric B2, Bag B2

Fabric B2 is the outer border.

Cutting Fabric B3, Bag B1

Fabric B3 is the accent fabric in the striped border.

Cutting Fabric B4, Bag B1

Next we cut Fabric B4, which is a group of 8 fabrics. These are the background fabrics in the striped border.