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Disappearing Shoofly Block The AccuQuilt Way

What is a Disappearing Shoofly Block? Start with a Shoofly Block.

Cut it into 4 equal pieces.

Rearrange those pieces.

The Shoofly block has disappeared and the Disappearing Shoofly block appears.

With the AccuQuilt Fabric Cutting systems, there is no need to piece a block just to make it disappear. We simply take the desired block and piece that.

Disappearing Shoofly Block The AccuQuilt Way, Part 1 of 2

The video below shows how to determine which dies to use to cut the Disappearing Shoofly blocks. You find the smallest part of the block first. Next you find the repeat. Finally, you find the grid size to determine the final block size. In this case, the final block is 12″ finished.

Disappearing Shoofly Block The AccuQuilt Way, Part 2 of 2

The second video shows how to cut the fabric using 3 dies from the Mix & Match 8″ Qube.

Download the piecing instructions – Disappearing Shoofly Quilt Using AccuQuilt Free Pattern

AccuQuilt dies used for this quilt:

For more project tutorials and videos:

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