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About Carol Thelen

I’m Carol Thelen. I was bitten by the quilt bug in late 1991 during college. By 1996 I was a professional quilter. In 2002 my first book, Longarm Machine Quilting, was published. My second book, Professional Machine Quilting, was published the following year.

With the release of these books came many teaching and writing opportunities. For several years I taught classes in the United States and Canada on longarm quilting and running a business. I also wrote user guides for several quilting machine and software manufacturers.

In 2005 I started teaching at local quilt shops. These classes covered bindings, borders, quilts, machine quilting and other techniques. In 2011 I started teaching paper piecing and Quiltworx patterns. As of April 2016, the date of my Quiltworx Certification, I had completed over 30 Quiltworx projects, large and small and taught numerous classes at several local shops.

My teaching style is to give students the best experience as they learn new quiltmaking skills. Being prepared and organized helps to lower the stress levels of starting new projects. Classes and workshops give us the opportunity to learn and share with other quilters and are the beginnings of long term relationships.

About QuiltNotes

Over the years there have been many different visions for QuiltNotes. It started as a website for quilters to journal their quilt projects. The idea was a good one but my computer coding skills were insufficient to keep the site going. There was no budget to continue it. I looked at what made me happy – teaching and writing. I found a way to combine those two things without traveling.I love to teach students and witness their light bulb moments. The traveling part of teaching is not fun for me at all. I wanted to combine my love of writing with my love of teaching anything quilt related. So in 2017 I decided to devote my time to writing articles for the Learning Center on