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5 Scrap Quilts to Pull From Your Stash Today

If you have a large stash, here are 5 scrap quilts you can pull from your stash right now. I am so fortunate and quite overwhelmed at the response from quilters when I asked for fabric donations for patriotic quilts for Veterans at Camp Hope. For over a year now and because of the generosity of all you beautiful quilters, I have a constant, manageable flow of incoming fabric.

My latest donation came from the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston on the day before Thanksgiving of 2016. I pre-wash all the fabric to reduce problems of shrinkage or color run. It took me 3 days to sort, wash and dry the 9-1/2 loads of fabric. Everything from strips of fabric to 7+ yard cuts was now in need of pressing, folding and cutting and it was in a huge pile in the middle of my sewing room!

Work Smarter

This past year has taught me that it is more efficient to cut the fabric as I receive it and make kits ready for piecing. Here are some things I do to keep things going:

  • I use extra-large plastic zipper bags (Ziploc™ or store brand) with the slider to hold each kit and sometimes they hold several kits of the same pattern. They are reusable and they travel and store well.
  • Download and print the pattern and place it in a sheet protector that stays in the plastic bag. If the pattern is purchased it goes into the plastic bag.
  • For the Veterans quilts I usually don’t kit the binding and backing fabrics but for your kits you might want to go ahead and pull your binding and backing fabric and add that to the kit.
  • As I’m cutting, I use scraps of paper to keep a tally of my progress.

No Bake Jolly Bar Scrap Quilts

No Bake Jolly Bar by The Fat Quarter Shop – Download the free pattern. It uses Jolly Bars from The Fat Quarter Shop (5” x 10” pre-cut sets) or 10” pre-cut squares you cut in half or 5” x 10” rectangles cut from strips. I went slightly crazy with this pattern and not only made 3 kits/quilts for Veterans, I made 4 for my grandnieces and nephew. The finished size is about 63” x 81” and takes sixty-four 5” x 10” rectangles and 2-1/2 yards background.

From my stash, I pull the background fabric and cut it per the instructions and place the pieces in the plastic bag.

If you want to mix the background fabrics you can cut them as you are cutting for the other kits. As I’m cutting for the other kits, I cut one 5” strip from each fabric and sub-cut into four 5” x 10” rectangles. I use two for the kit and save two for the next kit but you could use all 4 if you wish. This picture shows two No Bake Jolly Bar kits all zipped up. You can also use the leftover 5″ x 10″ pieces for a bricks quilt.

Just Squares Scrap Quilts

I use 6″ finished squares. For the Veterans quilts I use 108 squares set with 9 columns and 12 rows. For the 4″ borders I use 2-1/4 yards of border/binding fabric. I cut the border and binding strips on the lengthwise grain shown in my tutorial, Lengthwise Grain Border and Binding . As I’m cutting for the other kits I cut 6-1/2” strips and sub-cut to six 6-1/2” squares. This picture shows my progress cutting 6-1/2″ squares. I separate the squares into three stacks. The two stacks on the left are for kits. The papers on top of each stack are how I tally the number of squares in each stack. The stack on the right are the other squares cut from the WOF strip. The larger stack will be kitted later and the paper on top of it reminds me what the quilt layout is (number of rows and columns, border size).

I like to use the 6″ Even Up from The Gadget Girls to cut my squares. Not only does it work well for WOF cuts it’s great to stack odd shaped pieces of fabric and use a rotating cutting mat to cut a stack of perfect squares quickly.

Puzzle Box Scrap Quilts

Puzzle Box by Christa Quilts – Download the free pattern. Uses 2-1/2” strips. Quick to piece, finished size 64” x 80”. This quilt takes 40 strips of neutral fabric and 40 strips of colored fabric. I use any pre-cuts from my stash first and then cut any remaining strips as I cut for the other kits. I generally cut 2-1/2″ strips whenever I can because you can always find patterns to make quilts from strips.

Strip-Pieced Diagonal Beginner Scrap Quilts

Strip-Pieced Diagonal Beginner Quilt
      by Jen Eskridge

This quilt is great for beginners because it is easy to choose fabric, easy to cut and easy to piece. I also think it is a pretty quilt. Check out Jen Eskridge’s Tutorial and download the PDF at the end. Also check out the Learning Center article, Strip Pieced Diagonal Quilt Using just 3 fabrics, strips are cut at 3-1/2”, 6-1/2” and 9-1/2”. For the size I need I triple the fabric requirements in the pattern:

  • 2 yards medium fabric 1
  • 2 yards medium fabric 2
  • 2-1/2 yards dark fabric and binding

Fat Quarter Scrap Quilts

Yellow Brick Road by Atkinson Designs — Order on Amazon This is not a free download but I bet many of you have this pattern in your stash somewhere. I’ve bought and either given away or lost at least 4 of this pattern in my quilting career. It’s a great go-to quilt that’s fast to piece and the pattern has sizes from baby (6 fat quarters) to king size (48 fat quarters). Gather the number of fat quarters needed for the quilt size you want and put them in the bag. Choose your border and binding fabric as well.

As I cut for other quilts I generally cut fat quarters when I can. I place the fat quarters in a large basket and pull them for kits as I make them. This is a picture of my fat quarter barrel, a hamper with handles and wheels, where I put all my fat quarters ready for kitting. When it gets full I start pulling for as many kits as possible requiring fat quarters.

Summary – Plan of Attack

For this large pile of fabric, I cut more kits than those shown above but if you want to take on the challenge of kitting these 5 scrap quilts from your stash, here is a plan.


The first thing to remember is always prepare before you start cutting.

  1. Lay out your 5 plastic bags or your containers of choice.
  2. Download and print the free patterns and place them in their own sheet protectors and place those in the bags.
  3. Choose the background for No Bake Jolly Bar and the neutral(s) for Puzzle Box. If you are sure these are the fabrics you want, then go ahead and cut as required and place the pieces in their respective bags.
  4. Choose the three fabrics for Strip-Pieced Beginner Quilt. Cut the fabrics as required and place them in the bag. Done with this kit.
  5. Choose the border/binding fabrics for Just Squares and Yellow Brick Road and place them in their respective bags.
  6. If you have pre-cuts for No Bake Jolly Bar or Puzzle Box pull those from your stash and place them in their respective bags.

Start Cutting

The cuts listed below can be obtained from one yard of fabric. Pick a fabric and cut the following from WOF:
  1. 18”: Sub-cut to two fat quarters. Use both for Yellow Brick Road or use one and stash one.
  2. 6-1/2”: Sub-cut to six 6-1/2” x 6-1/2” squares for Just Squares. Use as many as you want for the kit and stash the others. (I separate into 6 kits.)
  3. 5”: Sub-cut to four 5” x 10” rectangles for No Bake Jolly Bar. Use what you want for the kit and stash the rest. (I separate into 4 kits.)
  4. 2-1/2”: Cut as many of these as you want for Puzzle Box and to stash
As you cut, be sure to keep a tally of the different pieces needed. You can take this opportunity to use up yardage from your stash to make new fat quarters and 2-1/2” strips. It’s easy to find great patterns for fat quarters and 2-1/2” strips.


After you cut strips from your stash you might end up with small pieces. I like to go ahead and cut those and be done with that fabric. Cut more of whatever you want or need and have room for.

  • I like to cut 2-1/2″ and 3-1/2″ strips and sub-cut into squares for Stars From Squares.
  • Any leftovers can be used to make String Quilts.
  • Check out the Shaded 9-Patch Block for using scraps.